Let It Ride

To most gamblers who see Let It Ride Poker for the first time, the game seems instantly Find a list of Let It Ride games for real money!familiar. The reason is because it is a close variant of poker. It is simple to learn, and has become known for its slower pace when compared to other popular casino games.

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Below, we’ll give you a brief tutorial on playing real money Let It Ride Poker, and offer a few helpful strategy tips to get you started. We’ll also share a list of our favorite online casinos that will let you play the game for free.

KickAssPoker.com’s Online Let It Ride Guide

How To Play Real Money Let It Ride Poker

Each hand begins by placing an Ante bet. You’ll then receive 3 cards face-up, and the dealer will receive 2 cards face-down.

An important note: you’re not playing against the dealer; you are playing against the house. All 5 cards on the table are part of your hand. The goal is to make a 5-card hand that contains a pair of 10s or better. Here is how the game progresses:

After your Ante bet has been placed, and the 5 cards are on the table, you’ll have a chance to raise (by the same amount as your Ante), or continue without raising. Once you make your decision, one of the two face-down cards is overturned. At this point, with 4 cards revealed, you’ll have another opportunity to raise. Again, you can choose to continue without doing so. When the final card is overturned, your 5-card hand is valued according to conventional poker rankings.

If you have a pair of 10s or better, you are paid on your Ante bet as well as on each Raise. Otherwise, you lose each bet made. While every casino maintains their own pay table for real money Let It Ride, the following represents one of the most common payout schedules used:

Royal Flush – 1,000:1
Straight Flush – 200:1
Four of a Kind – 50:1
Full House – 11:1
Flush – 8:1
Straight – 5:1
Three of a Kind – 3:1
Two Pair – 2:1
Qualifying Pair (10s or better) – 1:1

Some of the best online casinos (for example, Bovada) have a progressive jackpot attached to Let It Ride. You can make a separate $1 bet to win the jackpot, or a portion of it. To win, your 5-card hand must contain a Flush or better. Payouts are based on your hand as follows (again, check the pay table at the casino):

Royal Flush – 100% of the jackpot
Straight Flush – 10%
Four of a Kind – $500
Full House – $100
Flush – $75

Winning Strategy For Real Money Let It Ride

Strategy for Let It Ride Poker is focused on knowing when to raise and if you are going to play let it ride for real money then you will want to know this strategy to minimize the house edge. Recall that you’ll have two opportunities to do so. On your first chance to raise, only 3 cards will be showing. You should obviously raise if you have a qualifying hand (pair of 10s or better). But you should also raise if you have 3 consecutive cards to a suited straight (for example, a 4-5-6 of hearts).

Some experts recommend raising your bet when your 3 cards span a straight, even if the cards are not consecutive. The general rule is as follows:

– Raise when your cards span four positions as long as one of them is a high card. An example would be 7-8-10 of clubs.

– Raise when your cards span five positions as long as two of them are high cards. An example would be 8-10-Q of hearts.

The same basic principles apply on your second chance to raise. Of course, do so when you have a qualifying hand. Also, raise when all 4 cards are suited, or when you have an outside straight (for example, 5-6-7-8). Lastly, raise when you’re holding an inside straight with four high cards (for example, 10-J-K-A).

Top Online Casinos With Real Money Let It Ride Poker

We focus mostly on gambling sites that accept U.S. players. With this in mind, the online casinos we recommend are chosen because they meet several standards we have set. Our preferences include large sign-up bonuses, easy-to-use software, a healthy game selection, and top-notch customer support. The following are our current favorites:

  • Bovada – (formerly known as Bodog) Bovada has been one of our favorite places to play real money Let It Ride. Their software is intuitive, largely because they have updated its design according to their members’ feedback. The games download quickly, and the connection rarely drops. You’ll find fewer casino games at Bovada, but they host the most popular ones. Visit Bovada Casino today to take advantage of an unlimited 10% match on your first deposit. Your bonus will be added to your active account within minutes. There’s no need to clear the bonus before using it at the tables.

If you have never played real money Let It Ride Poker, visit the online casinos above. Each will not only let you play the game for free, but you can do so through your browser within an “Instant Play” environment. We encourage you to test drive gambling sites yourself to choose the one that best suits your preference.