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Who is the player in the free poker strategy videos?

Most of the time, it is Spry, the co-founder of and a winning lower limit online poker player for 4+ years. Spry consistently wins enough money playing lower stakes online poker to fund World Series of Poker Trips to Las Vegas, and Tunica every year. These videos will help you turn a hobby into a moneymaker playing lower stakes online poker.

Spry & Hellmuth at the  2004 WSOP Tournament

Here’s a photo of Spry and Phil Hellmuth playing at the 2004 World Series of Poker. Hellmuth sat down about 3 hours into the table, and that photo is Spry busting out after letting himself get shortstacked.

Spry has been a winning lower stakes player for the past 4 years, consistently winning enough money playing lower stakes online poker to buy trips to Las Vegas and entries into multiple WSOP Tournaments simply by playing lower stakes poker on a part time basis. Watch these videos and turn a hobby into a moneymaker playing lower stakes online poker. You don’t have to be a math genius (thank god) or even very good at poker to learn from these videos. is proudly over 5000 subscribers and counting. As subscribers increase we will increase the number of free poker strategy videos. So, get signed up today and you will be instantly provided the free strategy videos!

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Spry & Fuller

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