DOJ Admits 1961 Wire Act Applies Only to Gambling

More to come on this one, with a detailed look inside the language of the release early next week.  But for now, let’s say that the Department of Justice has done something of an about-face, and finally admitted that the 1961 Wire Act applies only to sportsbetting, and not to games of skill such as fantasy sports or poker — even though “poker” is never mentioned specifically in this latest release.

As usual, the DOJ picked the deadest news window it could possibly imagine to release this, that being the Friday afternoon immediately preceding the long Christmas weekend, even though internal documentation shows the decision was reached at least three months ago, in September.  It would be nice if our beloved Justice Department was somehow immune to politics, but that’s just the way our founding fathers beloved it would work, not the way it actually happens in reality.

Anyhow, this is really good news for online poker.  For now it looks like the DOJ will play second fiddle to states’ rights regarding online poker, meaning that if you’re in a state that doesn’t explicitly ban online poker, you should be good to go.  (We’ve been telling you that for years, anyway, but it’s nice to be proven right.)

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