Are Daily Fantasy Sports The New Poker?

The money is moving to Fantasy SportsLet’s face it. Over the past few years, online poker has been on the decline. Since the infamous Black Friday incident where the DOJ shut down PokerStars, FullTilt and Absolute/UB, online poker has been losing popularity. Why?

Few legit choices for US players. Sure you can play at Americas Cardroom, but these are nothing like the awesome times of FTP and PokerStars. Today regulation is snail crawling through at the state level with a few states with legal online poker. Nevada and New Jersey most specifically with legal online poker from a few operators.

But today, the excitement, the growth, the popularity of the daily style fantasy sports are growing. From NBA basketball fantasy games for cash to the new and exciting Masters Fantasy Golf 300k Contest at DraftKings for 2014, fantasy sports are here to stay. Also, since they are 100% legal (as long as you do not live in a few unlucky states) it is super easy to deposit and withdraw. Credit cards, paypal, check etc all are easy and legit.

Millions of dollars in investment are being pumped into this industry with growth at parabolic rates. Just do a bit of google searching and you will find current reports of the hotness of this industry. It’s red hot and 2015 is going to be the year that totally puts this industry on the map. Many could argue that 2013 NFL season was the year that DFS arrived, but I feel that 2014 is going to be gangbusters.

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