Chad Elie Released, Picks Up Sponsorship Deal Outside Prison Gate

ScreenHunter_06 Jul. 05 21.42From the lighter side of the poker news comes the latest about Chad Elie, the erstwhile online-poker payment processor whose role in setting up the ill-fated SunFirst Bank processing scheme (along with indicted Utah online fraudster Jeremy Johnson), ultimately landed Elie a five-month stint in Club Fed.

The “lighter” side?  That would be Elie himself, who reportedly lost between 30 and 80 pounds during his stay at California’s Taft Correctional Institution, before being released on June 26.  Elie announced his return to the poker world by logging back in to his @BlackFridayChad Twitter account:

ScreenHunter_06 Jul. 05 21.37


This was followed by an odd Tweet mentioning Elie from a strange site called, which looks to be some sort of US-facing poker portal under construction, and then came a bit of unexpected news: Elie had been signed by another newish site, Attack Poker, and will apparently be sponsored by Attack Poker into the WSOP main event, which begins tomorrow.

This might be a case of both “who you know” and “what you know”, but it’s a flashy return for someone who was strictly behind the scenes before 2011.  The deal itself seems to be legit — the image from the top of the site includes a familiar shot of Elie that also now appears on the Attack Poker website.

Attack Poker boasts four other pros in its Team Attack lineup: Lisa Hamilton, Luke Schwartz, Eli Elezra and Billy Baxter.  Decent enough second-tier names all, but it ain’t Team Ivey.  Then toss in the Attack Girls — here you go, boys, here’s your link — and Attack Poker looks quite a bit like the short-lived Victory Poker, minus the overpriced martini logo.

Come to think of it, with the cheesy Attack Girls model shots, it looks exactly like Victory Poker, minus the logo.  Lowest-common-denominator stuff.

And how does Elie fit into it, exactly?  That part’s not so obvious.  But somebody’s forking over $11,000 or so to welcome Chad Elie back to the poker community.  Attack Poker is based out of Las Vegas and is one of those free-to-play sites, kind of like the old WPT and CardPlayer offerings, and someone named Robert Tassiello is listed as the officer of record for Attack Poker’s parent company, EMIL Interactive Games, LLC.


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