KickAssPoker.com was launched in 2004. Our goal was to feature the most compelling poker headlines from around the web. Today, we still follow our tradition but have added our own twist.

Our featured poker writer is Haley Hintze. She has been writing on KickAssPoker for over half a decade now. She writes uncensored and no holds barred poker news. Even poker legend Barry Greenstein talks about Haley saying she is “an angry bitch who isn’t afraid of anyone.” And that is one of the reasons we like her so much. You can find her flogging the guilty three to four times per week in our uncensored poker news blog.

“I run these things by Haley, and i use Haley as my… who Haley, Haley is an angry bitch ok. She is willing to attack me if I ever like defend Joey where he doesn’t deserve it; Haley will jump down my throat. She isn’t afraid of anyone.”

Barry Greenstein speaking about Haley in a DonkDown radio broadcast focused on the AP/UB cheating scandal. Listen at 104 minutes to hear Barry talking about Haley, the Kick Ass Poker Blogger.

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